More then 2 players Players Required

Poker chips
in your phone

All you need to organize a poker tournament is a group of friends,
a deck of cards and our app. Poker Chips Genius provides virtual
poker chips and guides the game according to the poker rules.

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Keep track of chip stacks,
bets and game status
on the main table


How can I play poker with Poker Chips Genius App?

The app is designed for live poker tournaments (cash games coming later). You will need your friends to be at the same location, you will also need a deck of cards. The app will help you perform bets (without having physical chips) and other poker actions and will guide you through the game process.

How do I start a tournament?

You need to register in the app, then create a tournament by picking a name and setting a password. Once all the players have joined your group, tap 'launch'. You will be taken to rules wizard and then taken to the table to start the game.

What are the supported devices for PokerChipsGenius app?

Our application is available on all Android and iOS (iPhone 4 or later) devices through App Store and Google Play Store.

Can we use smartphones of different manufacturers to play in the same tournament?

Yes, any combination of devices can be used to participate in the same tournament via PCG app.

Is the app capable of distributing prize money between players?

If you're playing for money you can type in the buy-in amount when you set name for the tournament. You will then be able to see the distribution of prizes among winners and pick your preferred option. That is all we can do in this part - we don't process players funds.

Can I create a tournament with rebuys?

Yes, you can pick your preferred structure - freezeout, one rebuy, rebuy + add-on or unlimited rebuys (for limited period of time). Some options might require an in-app purchase.

Why is there no playing cards in the app?

The app is designed for situations when you have a physical deck of cards and all players are in the same room. Then, the app serves as a substitute for poker chips and a tournament manager that guides the game according to poker rules and tournament type you picked.

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